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1. Add your content under the right Spreadee category
2. We promote it among our influencers network
3. Get targeted traffic and check your statistics
As easy as creating a tweet

Summarize your content in 140 characters. Title with #hashtag, link to your article, by @author via @medium can work. Select up to 3 images and categorize it. Once it's done, users will search by category/subcategory plus hashtags to find relevant content.

Distribution channels

We are partnering with the major social media distribution channels
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1) How much does it cost?

Zero. You can add as much content as you wish without any cost. This content will be available for the users also without any cost.

2) Is the content reviewed?

Yes. In order to provide quality content to the users, all the content will be manually curated.

3) What content can't I add?

  • Time-sensitive content (the relevance will expire soon)
  • Auto promotion (affiliate links, single product descriptions)
  • Malwares or any other malicious software in the destination URL
  • No content at all (homepages, landing pages...)
  • Content that is not relevant for the chosen category
  • Low quality content
  • Too many ads or intrusive pop-ups in the destination URL

4) Why are hashtags mandatory?

Hashtags are what users use to filter content. If you don’t include any hashtag, your content will not be visible to them.

5) Are author and medium mandatory?

No, they aren't, but we encourage you to include them because they contribute to the engagement.

6) How many articles can I add?

As many as you want.

7) ...even if they are old?

As far as they are not time sensitive and the content is still useful and relevant to the audience, it is OK to add them.

8) Do you offer stats?

Yes, we track shares and clicks on links. You will find those statistics in your dashboard.

9) How can I become a partner and distribute the content?

Contact us, we are happy to add new partners to our distribution channels.

10) Other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

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